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Chemical Peels

The intensity of the Peel can be customized to treat your specific concerns. The exfoliating acids loosen the bonds between skin cells to shed old, dead cells and reveal healthy, fresh skin. The alpha hydroxy acid treats the surface of the skink helping with pigmentation issues, while the beta hydroxy acid penetrates into pores to reduce the oil and sebum that contribute to acne breakouts. Active Peel Ingredients include salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol.

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Glycolic Peel

Jessners Peel

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Jessners Peel

The Jessner Peel was designed to remove superficial layers of skin, dry out active acne, dislodge blackheads, reduce shallow wrinkling and scarring, help lighten hyper pigmentation and improve the overall appearance and health of sun-damaged, acne prone, aging skin. 


Client may experience a warm, tingling or a burning sting during the application. Client may take Ibuprofen prior to treatment to help relieve any discomfort. After application of peel, skin may appear white and frosted. This will subside in a few hours. During the next few days the skin will appear red and progressively deepen to a tan/ brown color. Skin conditions during the peeling process may range from mild stinging, mild swelling and redness, mild crusting and finally peeling. The skin can become very dry, tight and somewhat uncomfortable. Client may notice exasperation of acne after treatment. Results will vary with each client.


Use of Accutane 6 months prior to the Jessner Peel, during the treatment, and 6 months post peel.

Prior or current use of Retin-A may increase sensitivity to the acids and intensify the treatment. Suspend use of Retin-A and/or Vitamin A topicals at least 2-6 weeks prior to treatments.

Clients with a history of keloids or abnormal scarring should not be treated.

All skin diseases (other than razor bumps, or acne) should not be treated. Viruses and infections, including but not limited to:

Active Herpes/ Cold sores, inactive only if on oral RX prior and during tx

Eczema (inflamed or dormant)

Waxing, depilatories or laser 2 weeks prior to the peel, and two weeks after the peel.

Darker skin types 4-6


Allergy to aspirin, milk, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and/or Resorcinol.

Pregnant or lactating

Smokers who cannot refrain from smoking for the first 8 days of treatment will have slower healing time

Post Peel:

Do not apply anything to the face for at least 1 hour (post peel)

Do not get water on the face or cleanse for 48 hours following your peel procedure. Use only Mandarin Cleansing Milk or Gentle Vitamin Cleanser.

No makeup until peeling is complete

Apply Aquaphor or Epionce Medical Barrier Cream and sunscreen ONLY to the face until the peeling process is complete.

Avoid any aloe-based products, as these may cause unnecessary discomfort to the skin.

Avoid the sun, heat or excessive dryness

Do not pick the peeling skin. (Use small scissors to cut off loose skin)

Discontinue all exfoliating products (acids) for 3 weeks following your treatment..

Refrain from exercise or activity that will cause sweating or perspiring during the first several days after the peel.

Men should shave 12 hours prior to peel and not again until peeling is complete.


Important: DO NOT PICK AT THE SKIN. If the skin is removed prematurely, prolonged healing and/or infection are possible and may cause a scar.

Day 1-2:

No water is to be used on face for the first 48 hours.

Apply nothing to the face for the 1st hour

After 1 hour, apply only Aquaphor and/or Epionce Medical Barrier Cream to keep skin lubricated.

Skin should be minimally touched during this processing time.

Skin may have a frosted look (until you apply lubricant) and may have the appearance of being slightly sunburned.

The skin will start to turn darker and may be unevenly colored.

Avoid heat and/or excessive sweating for first 4 days.

Avoid makeup and/or shaving until full peeling process is complete.

Day 3:

Gently cleanse the face twice a day with Gentle Vitamin Cleanser or Mandarin Cleansing Milk. (Use these products for 7-10 days at least.)

Pat skin dry. DO NOT RUB. Apply Botanical Essence Toner or Ginseng pH Balencer with a cotton ball.

The skin will start to feel very tight and dry.

Continue to keep it well lubricated with Aquaphor or Medical Barrier Cream.

Day 4-6:

Continue cleansing the skin twice a day and applying lubrication frequently.

The peeling process should begin, and your skin may feel very tight.

Never peel off the skin; let it shed naturally.

Day 7-8:

The peeling process is normally complete by day 7 or 8.

When skin sensitivity is diminished, you may resume your normal skin care regimen as long as it is gentle and acid-free.

Makeup may be worn if the skin is no longer shedding.

Products that contain glycolic, lactic, or alpha hydroxyl acids should not be used for 2 weeks post application of peel.

Do not forget to wear sunscreen. An SPF of at least 30 should be worn at all times during the daylight hours.

Men may shave when the peeling is complete.

Glycolic Acid Peels

The glycolic acid peel is safe for all skin tones and skin types and can safely be used on light to dark skin tones as well as acne-prone skin and on oily, normal, dry or combination skin types.

Skin Care following Glycolic Acid Peel:

keep skin lubricated and moisturized

avoid products that dry the skin

avoid exfolliaters on your skin

use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30

not pick at blisters or scabs that form on your skin

not smoke and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke

wash your skin with cool water rather than warm or hot water

avoid cosmetics

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Enzyme Blend peel (natural peel alternative)

A blend of enzymes with peptides, this a non-chemical peel.

 Perfect for dry, sensitive unbalanced skin or darker skin. 

Organic ingredients with medical effectiveness work to re-balance, regenerate and restore skin 

while Comfrey stem cells boost cellular turnover. 

Skin type indications: Unbalanced, irritated, sensitive skin. 

This blend of pumpkin-,pineapple,-papaya ,-passion fruit-, and mango enzymes, 

as well as organic aloe vera-based peptides, is a peel for balancing, regenerating, and restoring

the skin. Comfrey stem cells promote the skin's own stem cells 

and thus preserve the youthfulness of the skin.