About Darrell

 Erectile Dysfunction Specialist


Respiratory Therapist

2006- Present

Denver, Colorado

• Specializes in neonatal, labor and delivery, pediatric ICU and PEDS respiratory care. Has extensive experience in ICU, ER, and OR

• Performs general floor therapy, including HHN, MDI, CPT, pulse oximetry, incentive spirometry, evaluation of patients records, apnea monitoring, EKG monitoring and interpretation, oxygen therapy, CPAP and BiPAP therapy, set up, maintenance and troubleshooting

• ETT placement, cuff maintenance and troubleshooting, and weaning protocols

• Experience with patient and family instruction and education of therapy modalities

• Assisted with therapeutic bronchial washings, intubations, chest tube

• Perform trach care, trach cuff maintenance, in-line, NT and oral suctioning, oral care

• Experience in therapist-driven protocols in relation to ER and physician interaction, responded to all codes requiring critical thinking skills.

• Transport with BVM, nasal cannula, non-rebreather, and venti-mask with oxygen to CT, MRI, ICU, and OR.

• Provides educational training to new respiratory therapists and students.

• As Charge Therapist, oversee, guide and coordinating personnel and patient care